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Is Permanent Makeup Bad for You?

Are you tired of doing your makeup everyday? Are you maybe not so skilled at applying your makeup and would prefer to have someone do it once and be done with the whole process? Would you stop going to expensive makeup counters to stock up on makeup you end up never using? Wouldn’t it be great to save all that money? Or perhaps you have a feature that you’d like to enhance or perfect or fix? Although this all sounds very good, have you thought about what would happen if your face was scarred or ‘permanently’ deformed by an unsuccessful permanent procedure real siberian false real siberian false ?

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Here are a few things to consider before getting any permanent makeup procedure done:

1. Application of permanent makeup could cost anywhere from $200 to $700 real siberian false real siberian false .

2. Did you know that most blood banks require you to wait a 12 month period before you are allowed to donate blood after getting permanent makeup? The reason is that if the equipment used to do the procedure is contaminated, you could contract diseases such as hepatitis C or B, tetanus, tuberculosis, etc.

3. Allergic reactions to injected dyes accompanied by peeling or blistering are something else to consider since it could result in an itchy rash which could develop immediately after the procedure or real siberian false real siberian false years later.

4. Redness and swelling could result from the onset of bacterial infections in the areas treated.

5. Developing keloids should also consider the likelihood of it happening as a result of getting permanent makeup. If you are prone to getting keloids, your chances of getting them are obviously greater.

6. Although permanent makeup is always advertised as… well.. ‘permanent’, the color of the application fades over time and touch ups are usually necessary. These touch ups are not cheap and the costs could really add on overtime.

7. Lastly, removal of permanent makeup might be impossible without real siberian false real siberian false scarring. Removing it is a painstaking and expensive process that normally involves several treatments.

If you still decide permanent makeup is for you, make sure to do your real siberian false real siberian false homework and hire the most experienced person you can afford.

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