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9 Anti Aging Beauty Tips Inspired by Madonna

mink fur eyelash is set to launch a new album and tour at the age of fifty. Always one to break the rules, she doesn’t look or act like one might expect a fifty-year-old woman to. Her energy level is phenomenal. She looks thirty. In fact her body is leaner and fitter than most women half her age.

How does she look so young? Can any older woman look as good as she does?

mink fur eyelash
mink fur eyelash

These are the anti aging tips I’ve gleaned from the write ups about Madonna.

1. Stay out of the sun as far as possible. mink fur eyelash ages you before your time. Use sunblock all the time if you are outdoors. Better yet, stay indoors to avoid the sun completely as much as possible.

2. Stop using foundation and powder as they make you look older. For that matter, wear as little makeup as possible. Heavy makeup makes a woman look older.

3. If you need to hide dark circles under the eye or mink fur eyelash , use as little concealer as possible.

4. Don’t bother with the sultry kohl rimmed mink fur eyelash look as that adds years to your appearance. Save the dramatic smoky eye look for young girls who want to look grown up. To highlight your eyes, instead of using black eyeliner and dark mink fur eyelash, use false eyelashes to make eyes bigger.

5. Go organic. Eat organic food as far as possible. If you must, grow your own organic fruit and vegetables and buy the rest from an organic food store.

6. Stay away from sauces and preservatives.

7. Exercise for 2 hours everyday.

8. Take a days break from your workout routine every week. Exercise 6 days a week. Then rest.

9. Eat lots of fruit and vegetables and soya and beansprouts. Stick to a macrobiotic diet.

The author wrote about how Madonna looks so young .

mink fur eyelash
mink fur eyelash

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