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Joseph Stalin was born in the village of Gori, in the country of Russia in Dec 21 1871. His father, who was believed to be a drunkard, left Stalin at a very young age. So he was raised by his mother alone. Stalin was able to have a very good education mostly on theology. His mother wished him to be a priest and indeed for a time he was. After he had finished his education he went and became a follower of the Marxist Revolutionary party there for becoming a professional revolutionary. Over a series of 10 years he was repeatedly arrested for organizing worker protests and exiled. However every time he some how was able to escape. Eventually the political party split up into two groups. Stalin joined the more radical Bolsheviks and was able to quickly raise through the ranks. It was during this time that he adopted the name Stalin fast delivery fast delivery fast delivery fast delivery fast delivery fast delivery fast delivery fast delivery fast delivery fast delivery fast delivery fast delivery fast delivery

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Eventually the Russian government was overthrown. However, the democratic government lived from only March to November of the year 1917. The government had made several miscalculations and had continued its war with Germany (World War 1 was going on). Then the Bolsheviks took over, and Stalin proved a great general in this second Russian civil war. However, he was not the best. After the Bolsheviks had taken over Russia they renamed themselves the communist party and declared Russia the Union of Soviet Socialist Republics in 1922. Stalin was given the place of General Secretary of the party. However he quickly began to gain influence and power. Though no one realized at the time just how powerful he was becoming. One of the leaders of the communist party a man named Lenin warned the rest of the party members of Stalin but was ignored. By 1930 Stalin had taken control of the entire party.

Stalin then enacted a 5 year plan to modernize Russia. His 5 year plan was focused on the Marxist idea of a governmental central economy. Most of the plan was to renew agriculture. He took land from the “wealthiest” of the peasants. Though there was no difference between wealthy and poor civilians that he took land from. He also spread propaganda and executed hundreds. While millions died of famine. Eventually, he began lashing out shortly after his wife’s suicide in 1932 at other political rulers. He perceived them all as enemies both real and imagined. He then began torturing them to death to get fake confessions and then executing them.

Originally he had tried to stay out of World War 2. Even signing a peace treaty with Hitler. Hitler invaded Russia any ways. Though at first Russia suffered horrifying defeats, they were able to eventually push out the Germans. They then formed an alliance with some of Hitlers other enemies. But he was an unpopular ally who inflexibly demanded too. After Germany’s defeat he began forcibly establishing Russian control in eastern Europe. It was also around this time that his scientists found out how to make Atomic Bombs. This put him on par with the United States and the cold wars had begun.

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