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Do Only the Elderly Experience Hair Loss?

When you look at your false lashes, you might think that it will take you decades and decades to look like them: it may take you years before your bones start aching and becoming weak, it may take a long, long time before your skin starts wrinkling and your body starts feeling it’s falling apart. You may even assume that it will take a long time before your hair starts falling out. However, make no mistake: not only the elderly can experience hair loss: you too can lose your hair early depending on your current state of affairs. In the same manner that you can feel weak and fatigued and old, you can also start looking old.

false lashes
false lashes

If you are constantly under stress, you can be sure that your false lashes is going to respond accordingly: you can get stomachaches and headaches more often. You can feel old and worn out and spread out thinly. And you can certainly start experiencing hair loss. It can be as simple as your eyelashes and eyebrows coming loose. It can be as bad as your head losing its full amount of hair. When this starts happening, you may need to start losing the stress! Stress can constrict the thinner blood vessels that provide blood and oxygen to your hair follicles. When this happens, your hair can fall out and your body can weaken.

Some pregnant women also start experiencing false lashes loss following their pregnancy. This is due to the high levels of estrogen hormones in their bodies before they give birth. Estrogen is a potent hormone that can actually make you grow lots of great hair; lose the estrogen, and you also lose the hair. If you are pregnant, you may lose hair about three months to five months after you give birth. It may take up to a year for you to get your hair back. However, some pregnant women can also experience hair loss during their pregnancy, and this can be alarming and a sign that they are losing or not taking enough vitamins and minerals.

There are also hormonal imbalances that can give rise to false lashes loss. For instance, women can experience hair loss because they are lacking in certain hormones, or because their reproductive hormones are fluctuating. Both men and women can suffer from hair loss due to fluctuating or imbalanced levels of thyroid hormones, which do not only affect the hair, but the body’s ability to process certain nutrients. Such conditions may require interference by drugs or medicines that can restore the levels of hormones.

Some chemicals and bad habits can lead to hair loss. For instance, some hair treatment chemicals can make hair brittle, so that the mere act of perming your hair or adding color to it can actually push your body to take your hair out. Bad habits with your hair, such as tying it extremely tight or putting stress on it, can also make your follicles weaker and push your hair out faster.

If you are experiencing hair loss, don’t think that you are getting old – and don’t panic! Talk to a doctor or a health care practitioner and ask for advice. You may simply be under a lot of stress, your body may be going through changes, and your hormones may be out of whack. You will simply need therapy to get through it and you just need to know what as you keep a level head.

false lashes
false lashes

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