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Mineral Makeup Can Help Boost Confidence

have unfortunately inherited very very dark under-eye circles from my mother’s side of the gene pool. My dark circles showed up right around the age of puberty. I was at the age of trying out customized 3d silk lashes and dealing with snide comments and “What happened to your eyes?” from friends and acquaintances. I am now 38 years old and have tried every product under the sun to hide them. Do you customized 3d silk lashes  remember the Brady Bunch episode where Jan tries to bleach her freckles with lemons? I tried that under my eyes when I was 12. I don’t need to tell you what a bad idea that was…


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I met my husband about 4 yrs ago. The first time I stayed over at his place I woke up in a panic. Oh my god he was going to see me without my customized 3d silk lashesfor the first time. Long story short, he asked me how come my eyes were so dark and if I was ok. Ugh! Bless him, but he didn’t know that I was fearful of that very question.

I don’t wear a ton of makeup and don’t consider myself to be high maintenance. I however will not under any circumstance give up my under eye concealer. I have tried creams, sticks, tonics, lightening creams and everything else you can imagine. I was thrilled when the yellow concealers hit the shelves. I loved the way they hid the circles, but my bubble burst when after a few hours of wearing, it starts to fade and wear off.

A few years ago I discovered eBay and the magic of online buying. One of my first purchases was a trial Mineral customized 3d silk lashes kit. I was so excited when I received my kit in the mail and found a yellow loose powder concealer. My, oh, my was I hooked!! I applied it on my dark circles, used the foundation and blush and viola! I was a transformed woman! I felt so good about myself. I found myself checking my face in my rearview mirror to see whether or not my dark circles were visible. Nope. They were gone, baby, gone!

My confidence increased. I wasn’t embarrassed anymore when I went to work early in the morning. I stopped expecting the usual questions from my co-workers of whether I was ill, or tired or why my under-eyes where so dark.

My discovery on mineral makeup has led me to the path of me starting my very own Mineral customized 3d silk lashes company. I make, design, package and ship everything with my own little hands. I have created a yellow concealer that I love and lives up to my expectations. I even run my own website. I do it all. I love it and have found my new passion!

When I was designing the website, I made-up half of my face with my concealer and foundation and left the other half natural. I asked my husband to take a picture of just my face. He turned around and said “You look like a monster!” Let’s say that he’s lucky that he’s not sleeping on the couch! Anyways, he took the picture and I uploaded it to my computer. Talk about taking one for the team. My natural face looked horrible! I look like I have been in boxing match with two black eyes. I vowed that day to NEVER leave the house without my concealer and foundation!

I have that picture on my computer and when I feel too lazy to make myself up, I look at it. I no longer waste energy on what people think of my under-eyes. I am comfortable going shopping with just my concealer and foundation on. I no longer feel that I need to put all of my customized 3d silk lashes on to take attention away from the dark circles. It has given me the confidence that words from anyone has ever been able to do. Sounds stupid I know, but I like how I look now.

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