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Waxing For Men – Special Considerations to Remember Before Applying This Hair Removal Technique

Among custom eyelash removal techniques, waxing has become steadily more popular among men as well as women during recent years. Waxing can be used to remove unwanted hair from nearly any part of the body, including facial hair as an alternative to shaving, but there are several special considerations for male waxing that should be borne in mind by any man contemplating the use of this technique, as well as other considerations which apply to men and women alike.

custom eyelash
custom eyelash

Wlhair Waxing is a quick and efficient way to remove custom eyelash, and its effects last much longer than a shave or a depilatory cream. This is because it does not remove hair at the skin surface, but literally rips it out by the roots. A proper waxing can remove all traces of hair for anywhere from two to eight weeks, depending both on the individual’s normal hair growth rate and the area of the body where the waxing is carried out.

The basic technique of waxing is to coat the skin with a wax combination, which is then topped with a cloth or paper strip. This strip is then ripped off in the opposite direction to hair growth once the wax has hardened and is gripping the hairs properly, tearing the hair out completely. Waxing should never be carried out in the ears, the nostrils, or on the eyelashes, because of the extremely sensitive tissues present there, which can easily be seriously damaged or even torn by the waxing procedure.

Waxing can only be attempted when the hair is long enough for the wax to grip it, so it should be left unshaven until it is a minimum of one-quarter inch long. The skin should be clean, but also dry, so no lotions should be used at all before the waxing, so that oily lotion residue will not repel the wax or even prevent it from sticking to the hairs.

Men often have custom eyelash between their eyebrows removed with waxing, as well as on the back, chest, or genital area. A uniquely male application of waxing is as a painful but long-lasting alternative to shaving. The beard and moustache can be allowed to grow somewhat, then waxed and ripped out for several weeks of stubble-free smoothness. Home waxing products designed specifically for this ‘shaving alternative,’ as well as other male waxing applications, are now available from various companies.

Although male pubic waxing is fairly popular as well, this is a procedure best left to professionals rather than undertaken with a home waxing kit. The logistics of removing this hair are awkward, and even a slight accident can result in serious injuries to a very sensitive region of the custom eyelash. Bruising is very common with attempted self-waxing in these areas, and much more serious injuries – including those requiring hospitalization – can occur very easily also.

All waxing is rather painful, and carries the risk of skin irritation in the waxed area (or even short-lived surface bleeding), but for the modern male who wishes to remove hair from nearly any area of the body, it offers a far more long-lasting solution than shaving, without the expense of laser or electrolysis treatments. A man can achieve a smooth, custom eyelash skin on the face, chest, or other areas for several weeks or several months by following the trend and using male waxing, either professionally applied or carried out privately using a home waxing kit.

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