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Alexis Vogel Makeup – Just How Good is the Alexis Vogel Makeup System

It has been hot gossip on the internet of late about the new beauty system released by Alexis Vogel makeup. This system comes in the form of a makeup kit along with instructional videos that claim to be able to show you how you can easily and effortlessly transform yourself (using Alexis Vogel cosmetics of course) into a fantastically beautiful woman of ‘playmate’ beauty. Sure, the sales page on the website is pretty impressive and if it really does what it says on the tin then it is truly a great product, but does it deliver what it says it does? Hopefully you will find the following review helpful china 3d artificial mink :

Alexis Vogel makeup

The system comes a pre-made kit, so you have no choice in which cosmetic products you want or even what shades you would like them in. For me, this is a big disappointment as myself and probably most other women out there at least want some say in how they look! Another concern that I had with this makeup kit is that no-where does it mention that the makeup contains any SPF at all which is almost a standard feature these days of most makeup products china 3d artificial mink .


mink eyelashes
mink eyelashes

So, it seems that it is not so much the Alexis Vogel makeup brand that makes this kit a hot product, but rather the instructional video on how to apply the makeup. This is fair enough and the instructions are pretty decent, however there is hardly any information or makeup tips that you cannot find for free on the internet. Just do a good old Google search and I am sure you can find a free step-by-step guide on how to achieve pretty much any look that has been thought of china 3d artificial mink .

Given that this system will set you back a good $160 bucks, I would not advise you not to go china 3d artificial mink china 3d artificial mink ahead and buy it, the tips it gives are pretty good, but if you are looking for a look where you have more control over your appearance or are strapped for cash, then you might want to give the Alexis Vogel makeup system a miss, for now at least.

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